"HELPFUL HINTS for Tremblant"
***you need a Passport when driving into or flying into Tremblant,Canada***


-Parents before leaving your Mont Tremblant Condo I recommend putting in your backpack the following items for your children.
1. Spare  socks to change out of after your first 2 hours of skiing. Will make the feet feel warmer, plus the break inside to change the socks will be great too.

2. Spare mittons to change into at the same time.

3. Put Vaseline on the following areas using a very thin layer. Vaseline is cheaper than the creams and is basically the same product without the coloring.
***Nose-earlobes-Cheeks-upper lip-chin***

***if you wear a helmet put up a thin layer of Vaseline across your forehead at the space between your helmet and goggles so you don't get the IceCream Headache***.

4. Cover all exposed skin. Carry a face mask all the time here. The wind cuts through anything in the winters here at times.

5.  Stay hydrated. Drink water before you go to bed and as soon as you get up. At least a 16oz glass.

  For currency exchange I recommend the following.  Try not to exchange American currency at any of the banks, bars, hotels, boutiques, and or restaurants.  Try to only use the ATMs located at the resort, St Jovite,  and Old Tremblant Village.  You will  avoid the $5 transaction fee that most of the banks charge here for currency exchange if you just use your ATM card to get cash while visiting Tremblant. 

If you drive to Tremblant try not to exchange currency at the US, Canadian border. The rate is usually 5-10 cents lower at Duty Free Stores Currency Exchange Services.  Stick to the ATMs for cash while visiting Tremblant.  Your US dollar will go much further. The ATMs are located in the "la Kandahar, Country Inn and Suites Hotel" Bank National offices, and by the upper metered parking area at the bottom of the Fairmont Hotel.

Try not to use the ATMs at the bars or restaurant's unless it is an emergency. They all charge a $3 fee on top of a $2.50 charge your bank will charge you to use it.  But like anybody else,  some nights you just have too. ;-)

 ****for the best exchange rate use your VISA card for all purchases****

***most grocery stores in the Tremblant region charge 5-10cents per plastic shopping bag***

Tremblant has several grocery stores located on Highway 117 just as you get here. I suggest stopping in there first to save money, and for a wider variety of products to choose from. The grocery stores on Highway 117 are IGA, Super C, and Maxi.   The IGA has better produce and carries a wider variety of Prepared foods, Baked Foods, and  Kosher/ethnic foods but charges a slight premium over Super C and Maxi.

Metro Grocery Store can be found in the heart of St-Jovite.  It isn't worth going into town just to go to Metro since its selection is very similar to IGA, but if you are in downtown St-Jovite, it is a good alternative. 

Located in Old Mont Tremblant Village, there is a small grocery store called BoniChoix.  Their non-perishables are more expensive than St. Jovite but their butcher section offers good value.  You have to try their fresh  baked chocolate chip cookies or bacon/cheese croissants.   If you are staying in Old Mont Tremblant Village this is where I would shop for grocery's. It might cost a little more than SuperC or Maxi, but not enough to justify driving the 25 km round trip.  

Now if you need Aspirin or cold medicine, you can just buy it over the counter at a grocery store and some convenience stores. For prescriptions, you must go to a Pharmacy. We have two pharmacy's to choose from. Jean Coutu is usually cheaper, and has better parking and access. You get off of the 117 at the 327 exit and head into town. At the 1st light you turn left. Jean Coutu is on the left hand side in a little strip mall. There is a Subway sandwich shop next to it. The other pharmacy is the "Uni-Prix" and you will see it on the right and the same light you turn left for the Jean Coutu.  ***you cannot get prescriptions filled here with a US Doctors prescription.  There must be a Canadian Doctor referral in order to get emergency presciptions filled***

Bring your kids student IDs with them just in case you are questioned when buying lift tickets. FYI

At the base of Tremblant's south side they have a VIP parking lot that is very close and has the handicapped parking spots (handicapped cars parks free). However, it cost's $10 per day to park in the VIP lot for everyone else.  If you don't need to rent equipment, park in the lot on your right by the Port de Soleil chair.  You can buy tickets there and are only a very short walk from the chairlift. Once up, you can ski to Versant Soleil or the South Side. There are also  several free lots with FREE bus shuttle service to the mountain and Casino.  

If you are driving from Montreal, it is counterintuitive but you are better off exiting at St. Faustin and going to the north side. This will save you 12 minutes of driving and you can park right at the base of the lifts. No need to pay for VIP or take a bus from a satelite lot. 

Tremblant has quite an extensive bus system that runs through the villages of Tremblant Mountain Resort, Old Mont-Tremblant village, and Saint Jovite.  The bus you want to take is called the "Orange Line" bus to visit all the villages. The cost one way is  $2.25CAD for adults, and $1.75CAD for students and seniors over 65 years of age. Students must show ID to get student rate when getting on the bus. Children 7 and under ride for free. 

AIRPORT SHUTTLE service.  Follow this link for more information. 

Saint Jovite Taxi (819)-425-5312
Tremblant Limousines (819)-425-5446
Taxi Limo Tremblant (819)-681-1715
Taxi Express (819)429-5446

Hertz- 583 De Street Jovite Mont Tremblant, QC J8E1A1-Phone: (819) 425-1282 

You can no longer take box lunches up to the top of the mountain in the Grand Manitou lodge. The only places that you can take boxed/packed lunches into are in the North Side base lodge (big grey building with huge wood deck) and the south side Les Tour des Voyages building next to the bottom of the Cabriolet gondola (long white building where you buy lift tickets).  However in the lower level of the Grand Manitou lodge many eat their lunches out of their backpacks.  Sssssshhhhh it's a secret so don't tell anybody.

For a "in ski boots walking distance for a sit down lunch" on the South side base area while skiing I recommend the Coco Passo deli (sandwiches are just fantastic), Casey's, LeShack, LaForge, Yahoo Pizza,  Pizzateria and Spag & Co (25meters from Cabriolet Gondola)

Also, the Fairmont does a great breakfast buffet. It is a little pricey, but a great way to relax and refuel before heading back onto the slopes.  It is usually uncrowded and a very relaxed pace. Or, you can eat at the Fairmont bar / lounge or fireplace living area just beyond and their lunch and apres ski prices are very affordable. Their version of a personal pizza is only $8! You can ski to their backdoor right off of Nansen and it is really one of the best values and best lunch secrets on the mountain.

For apres ski I would go to Cafe D'Epoque (newly remodeled night club), LeShack, LaForge, Casey's, P'tit Caribou, and La Diable Microbrew
For Night time partying at the mtn village check out Casey's, Cafe D'Epoque (new remodeled night club), "La Pit Caribou" and La Diable microbrew.  Most village bars are 21 and over Thursday to Sunday even though the drinking age is 18 in Quebec.

In Old Mont Tremblant Village "Nelly O'Conner's" Irish Pub is the place to be. Live music every night of the week plus daily happy hours.

In St. Jovite the resto bar "Tavern du Manior" has a pretty lively crowd on Fridays. The "St. George" is busy about every night of the week but is royally packed on Tuesday's staff night. The"Moulin Rouge" is a dance bar, but has a very young crowd.  Jack and Johnny's is a new bar that has a lady's night every Sunday.

La Source is an indoor water park/health club.  They do have family packages available.  If your kids get a taste of this place they will be bugging you about it all the time. That can be a good thing because it will tire them out, and get them in bed early.   

However, at peak periods, I have received  many complaints informing me that adults and kids alike have contracted folicilitis after swimming at La Source.  More people don't get it than do get it, but you should be aware that the complaints have come in from a number of people at all different dates.

***If you are on a family budget I recommend checking with your hotel about pool and hot-tub availability to save money, and to see if La Source is included in your stay package. *** 

HOSPITALS/medical clinics

There are two hospitals close by. One is in St. Agathe 15 miles away. The other is in La Annonciation 25 miles away.

Being an American up here if you get hurt it is a costly upfront out of pocket experience. You can have health insurance, but in Canada you will have to pay a deposit before you are seen by a Doctor in any Emergency Room. That deposit fee is $750 CAD by cash or credit card only. They will tell you it is up to you to get the money back from your health insurance provider, and later send you a check for what ever is left of your deposit after your visit.  The hospitals will not deal with American Health insurance companies.  If it is life threatening they will treat you first however. You can go to this website and get cheap temporary health insurance to cover you on your visit to Canada. I highly recommend it.

There is a clinic privately operated at the resort during the ski season. They do take the Quebec Insurance Card, but you pay up front and deal with your own insurance company if you are not from  Quebec or Canada. They are a full functioning clinic with an X-ray machine, and Doctors on staff. They are open 9-5pm during the ski season

There are two health clinics located close to the mountain. The main Clinic with Emergency Services is located next to the Uni-Prix Pharmacy in St Jovite. They offer  emergency services and I was informed that they were supposed to have an x-ray machine by the ski season (old one burned in fire) they are open Monday to Friday 8:30am till 7pm. Walk in's welcome.  

***CLINIQUE CHIROPRATIQUE Dr Binette, Dr Dejardins does have an X-ray machine in St Jovite.  When I used it the cost was $35. Address is  508 rue Labelle, St Jovite, QC J8E3H2 819-429-5353 if the clinic does not have the X-machine by ski season ask if you can go around the corner and have them shoot the X-ray for the clinic.  They have done this for me . Be sure only if it is non life threatening*** 

The other clinic is located on the right hand side in Old Mont-Tremblant Village and is only open until 5pm. They are a private clinic that is by appointment only.  Furthermore, if you have a member of your traveling party that needs special health care needs I would recommend staying at "La Grand Lodge". A Doctor is on call for that hotel.

****Also note on Hospitals. Most often you are taken to St Agathe. If it is a truly serious case you would then be transferred to either St Jerome or to Montreal. There is no life flight to Tremblant. However, we are the second closest to a Trauma center compared to any ski resort in North America and it is 96 minutes away. And the care is outstanding.****

Unfortunately you have a ski and snowboard theft problem at any resort. Little gangs of people up to no good want to steal your skis or snowboard. Mostly they look for high end demo's which they can adjust the binding to fit them and get away very quickly.

Mix matching your skis with a ski buddy really is not a deterrent to thieves. The thieves watch for that. Lock your stuff up. Not with the little cable locks either. They cut through those very quickly. Buy one of the LOCK PLUGS that are sold in every shop here at Tremblant. We have many racks that these LOCK PLUGS are used for all over the mountain. Rental/demo shops do not offer any ski theft insurance with their rental/demo packages. So lock it up, or if it gets stolen you will end up paying the highest markup for that gear. And no, most often your home owners insurance will not cover it because it is rental gear, and not your own personal property.

***if you really want that secure feeling use the ski valet at the bottom of the Gondola for a small fee. I highly recommend it.***

In Quebec the drinking age is 18. But be advised that most of the bars in the mountain village are 21 and over Thursday through Sunday. You can purchase beer and wine at any gas station, carry out, or grocery store. But any liquor has to be purchased at the Govt run stores called SAQ. There is one in St. Jovite right across from the Municipal Building and next to the Bank National. The other SAQ is located in the Westin hotel at the mountain resort.

There is no longer a tax refund for residence outside of Canada.  If you stay at the resort on the mountain. There is an extra 2% royalty tax that is charged for all goods purchased, and a 3% over night stay royalty tax that go towards the free shows and activities the resort puts on, and for village improvements FYI.

I go to Les Summet's GMC, Chevy, Buick on Hwy 117 just as you are getting here. Service dept is open on Saturdays. The other good option for standard repairs is Canadian tire. Their service department is open Saturday morning till noon, and during the weekday until 5pm

*** For the best exchange rate in Tremblant it is best to always use your VISA card.*** 

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